What should I do if I need to change the billing information for the proforma invoices?

If you need to update the contact information or you entered incorrect information into your order, it is necessary to edit the contact in your customer account, or add a new contact with the correct data - according to what changes you want to do. To manage the contacts, log into your account on our site https://admin.forpsi.com/ - on the main page choose "Contacts list".

If you only want to correct the new address (e.g. after your moving) or email address, then simply click on chosen contact and rewrite the information. Do not forget to save the changes.

If you need to change the company´s name, it is necessary to create a new contact and this new contact set by the selected service to the required roles (main contact, billing contact). You can ask our customer support to remove the "old" contact, provided that it carries no other services. See the options for changes below, in the section Summary.

After editing the contact details, please, always contact our billing department so that your
invoice can be corrected. Please send us your request through an authorized ticket.


- it is impossible to change the legal title (from a natural person to a legal entity and vice versa)
- in the form natural person - non business cannot be changed the name and surname
- in the form natural person - business  cannot be changed the name, surname, company name and trade RN
- in the form legal entity - cannot be changed the company name and trade RN (it is possible to change the name and surname of the contact person)