Access security to the administration through the IP address

The FORPSI administration interface allows besides the clasic security through the login and password, two-factor authentication, security through a defined IP address. This significantly improves access security. For a succesful authentication to the administration, it is necessary to enter the correct login and password, but it is also necessary to use a computer with the allowed IP address. This reduces the access to the administration to the range of one or more pre-selected computers. Then, the administration won´t be accessible from other computers, even after entering the correct login and password.

When you are interested in these security settings, follow these steps:
  1. Log with your access data at
  2. Click on "Account settings".
  3. Check "enabled logging in only from allowed IP address".
  4. Write into the field "Allowed IP" the IP addresses for which you want to allow access, and save the settings.


In the customer account settings, you will also find basic information about the last login attempts and the option to have login notifications sent to the primary contact's email* :

The sent email will contain basic information (date, time, IP address, browser) about successful logins to the customer account.

* The list does not include logging in via, because the third-party solution does not support this option.