History of changes in Webmail

27.3.2014 - Webmail upgrade

New features and changes

  • synchronization of contacts shared within the whole domain is possible
  • new version of the synchronization server and PC client - it is necessary to update to the latest version
  • simplified search


  • in the Drafts folder in the list of received emails, the e-mail address of the recipient is not displayed
  • bug in MSO2013 causes that a wrong sender is shown in a message moved to another IMAP folder
  • when you send a reply or forward an email from an external email account, it is not saved
  • when composing a new message, there is a gap at the beginning of the first line, if signature is used
  • Calendar Publishing is not fully compatible with Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Open XML mimetype is not used when sending a DOCX... document

Corrections related to synchronization

  • the PC sync client does not detect MS Outlook 2013 correctly and may not be started correctly in Windows 8
  • when using some mobile sync clients, the data are rejected due to a failure in data format recognition
  • events and tasks are not synchronized, if the MS Outlook 2013 contains only an IMAP account
  • shared contacts are not synchronized


  • for security reasons, the RSS reader has been modified; this causes that URL change is impossible


  • for address webmail.forpsi.com was finished operation on unsecured protocol

14.2.2014 - Webmail upgrade

  • adjustments on the synchronization server to ensure  improvement of the synchronization with mobile SyncML clients (FUN10)

15. 1. 2014 - Webmail upgrade

New features

  • The external calendar is now available even for customers who do not have active service BUSINESS mail (so far functional in appearance Classic)


  • Sent messages are written in italics (useful if the messages are in one folder e.g. for sorting your communication by sender or content)
  • The message header indicates displayed name and email address during printing


  • If a contact contains special character �,  the system indicates error "Unable to interpret ... "
  • If some part of a report is deleted (e.g. in an external mail client) , the system indicates error "Internal server error"
  • If your mailbox reaches 100 % occupancy capacity, message attachments cannot be deleted from the message
  • An email cannot have attached a picture with name longer than 69 characters
  • Plain text is not formatted correctly
  • When you create a contact from the message window in HTML UI,  the e-mail address is not added automatically
  • Incompatibility with Google calendar (partially corrected)


5. 8. 2013 - Webmail upgrade

  • new option for adjusting your desktop with gadgets (RSS, messages and events survey...)
  • new choice for color schemes (so far only one is available)
  • CapsLock control in the password change form


  • new option for filtering messages in your files according to specific criteria (status, presence of the contact in your address books...)
  • new option for adding unknown recipients from sent messages to your contacts (interactive or automatic)
  • new notice for moving messages in Trash
  • new button for moving messages in various files


  • new layout
  • new tools (social networks, important dates...)


  • publishing calendar in the iCal format
  • event categories
  • new option for adding external calendars in the iCal format (only BUSINESS Mail)

Web Storage (only BUSINESS Mail)

  • new option for sending link

Notes (only BUSINESS Mail)

  • new function


  • correct diacritic for automatic reply and email robots
  • correction of defects in processing attachments with diacritics

Known issues

  • Internet Explorer - displays error „Cannot interpret request response“ when accesing your contatcs from compose message page and the page Contacts contains special character
    - solution - correct the data in a different browser than Internet Explore or select look Basic HTML