Antispam configuration

Antispam configuration is now integrated in the web interface

  • rules of the praticular mailbox after login to this malibox
  • rules of mailboxes or forwards in the Administration section after login to the postmaster email account or to privileged account
  • antispam rules can be cloned from postmaster mailbox to other mailboxes and forwards of relative domain, see the article Clone antispam rules from the postmaster email account
1. Antispam configuration of particular mailbox

Login to Click on the Options item in the top menu.

If this item is not displayed in the top menu, click on Other item and then on Options.

In the left menu click on Account (@) icon and choose Antispam.


A. Antispam

  • enable or disable antispam (if antispam is disabled, incoming messages will not be checked with antispam)
Spam manegement: in this section, action to do with spams can be set
  • Customisation of SPAM messages: the subject of spams is customised in style: ****SPAM**** origin subject (the string for customisation of subject can be chosen arbitraly)
  • Deliver to the SPAM folder:  emailes identified as spam will be moved into the folder SPAM
    Note: You can choose to receive reports about spams you receive
    Note: If you use the option Deliver to the SPAM folder, user filters were not be processed, because of antispam filter is processed before user filters.
  • Automatic rejection: spams will be rejected and sent back to the sender with a warning
    Note: It depends on sender's smtp server, if an error message will be sent to the sender of the email identified as spam
  • all emails corresponding with whitelist will be accepted
  • has higher priority than blacklist
  • an email address, or the asterisk symbol (*) can be used
B. Blacklist
  • an email address, or the asterisk symbol (*) can be used
  • emails corresponding with blacklist will be rejected with an error "sender is blacklisted" (if they also corresponding with whitelist, they will be accepted, whitelist has higher priority)
  • you can use ".csv" file to import email addresses to blacklist (every line contains only one address)
Example: We want to block all emails excluding the CZ domain. So, we set th rule *@*.* for blacklist and *@*.cz for whitelist. When the email is delivered, the sender's address is at first checked against the whitelist. If it is in whitelist, the email is delivered as legit and blacklist is not checked.
2. Antispam settings in the Administration section
  • login to the web interface as postmaster or as privileged account
  • click on the account name in right top and then on Administration
  • select Mailboxes (@) or Aliases in the left menu
  • click on EDIT in the row of relative account and then on Antispam or Blacklist (more in the article Antispam and email aliases )

3. Clone antispam rules from postmaster email account