How to cancel domain redirect via DNS

If you have set your domain redirect to your pre-designed site and you want to cancel this redirection, you must re-set the "A" record from the previously set value (e.g.: to a new one.

The picture shows a domain redirected to a "Site is under construction" placeholder page. To cancel this redirection, you have to change the current IP address to the new IP address of the server where your site is now located.

In the administration account, click on the domain name and on the link "Edit DNS records". Now, you have two options, how to change the A record of your domain - use Standard redirections or Edit A record a se own value of this record.

Standard redirection: select server where your website is placed (you have got its name in the email with Services information) and click on "set up"

Own value of the A record: click on the link Edit in the line of the A record, enter your value of the A record on top, and click on "save"