Signing of outgoing emails on the server using DKIM

Outgoing emails that are sent through server can be signed using DKIM. DKIM signature allows to verify that the message comes from server authorized to send mail from stated domain. DKIM is short for DomainKeys Identified Mail, it is a technique to authorize the domain name which is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication, see the article

Mailservers favour emails with DKIM signature, why is why signing outgoing messages using DKIM is an advantage (e.g. requires DKIM signature in all mass emails).

To activate DKIM for your hosting, send us an authorized request stating for which hosting you want your DKIM activated.

After activating DKIM, a private key of your domain is saved to a database on our server. If you use our DNS servers for your domain, we also add necessary TXT record to your DNS records. If you use other DNS servers, we send you this TXT record so you can add it to your DNS records.

If a domain does not have set TXT record for DKIM, the outgoing mails from that domain will not be signed using DKIM.

Note: Activation of DKIM involves only emails sent via server. Signing of emails sent with mail() function from web or via other smtp server has to be solved by other means.

Note: Emails, which are evaluated as spam by server will not be signed by DKIM.