Incoming message forwarding

To set up message forwarding, click on the Settings tab in the top menu
In the left menu, in the Account section, select the Forwarding and Auto-reply.


Please enter a valid email address (separate multiple addresses with a comma).
If you want a copy of the forwarded message to remain in the mailbox, select the Save a copy of forwarded messages in the inbox option.
  • Keep in mind that to keep receiving new messages there has to be some space left in your mailbox. If you wish to save copies of the messages, do not forget to delete some from time to time.

If the mail server to which the emails will be forwarded performs a security check on the original sender (SPF record), leave the Change the envelope sender option selected. These are, for example, the domains,,,,,,,,, ...

When forwarding within our mail servers, it is not necessary to change the sender's envelope address.

Click OK to save the settings. 

Note: If you set your mailbox to be redirected to a Gmail address and send a test email from that address, it won't appear in your Gmail inbox.