Add and edit contacts

Adding a contact
Adding a contact after sending an e-mail
After sending of an e-mail to an address that is not yet in the address book, the “Add contact” dialogue might show up.

Click the OK button:
- If you do not fill in the name and surname nor select the e-mail address, the contact goes to the address book Collected contacts.
- If you select the address, fill in the name and surname, the contact goes to the Personal address book
The behavior of the saving can be adjusted in Settings > Messages > Creating a message: Add new recipients to address book after sending
- automatically
- ask
- never

Manual adding of contacts
On the tools panel click the NEW CONTACT button.
In any other module choose the particular item from the dropdown menu at the New ... button and select an item New contact.
The form for contact details input will show up,
Fill in the requested data and save the changes by clicking the OK button.
Editing contacts
Select the contact you want to edit.
On the tools panel click the Edit button (the button is available only when select just one contact).
The same form as for Adding contacts will show up. Make the desired changes and confirm them by clicking the OK button..

Deleting a contact
Select a contact or contacts which you want to delete and on the tools panel click the  button.
Notice: Contacts in the Collected address book cannot be edited. If you want to edit them first move them to a different address book (see Organizing contacts into groups and address books).