Admin interface description

Email accounts administration is accessible after login into webmail with the postmaster account or a privileged account (in case that the postmaster delegated additional accounts – for more info see Access management).
Login into webmail with the postmaster account or with delegated account (Access management).
Click on the button for logout in the top right corner and choose Admin from the menu.
These modules are presented on the left main menu
- create new mailboxes or delete existing ones
- change the password for an existing mailbox without the need to know its password
- activate redirect of email or automatic responses
- set up antispam and the whitelist
- manage the blacklist
- create new mailboxes with preset antispam setting
- change the antispam settings for multiple mailboxes (or a whole domain) at once
Forwarding - create aliases for mailboxes (including the option of setting up antispam rules)
Email robots - choose an address that will send an automatic response to the sender and forward mail to an indicated address (you can set up antispam rules here) 
Mail Admin - enable delegation of access mailboxes administration in the webmail for chosen accounts
Corporate Address book management - enable the possibility to add and edit contacts in the corporate address book for common users
Corporate calendar management - set up the background color for events in the shared calendar. Enable the possibility to add and edit events in the corporate calendar for common mailboxes.