Creating mailbox

Login into webmail with the postmaster account or a privileged account (for more information see Access management).
In the top menu choose Admin.
If you can not see the Admin option, choose Tools and then Admin from the dropdown menu.

In the left menu, go to Accounts (1.) and click the + Account button (2.)
 The wizard will guide you through all the options for setting up a new email account.
  • Account name: this is only used to display additional information about the account in the list of mailboxes in the administration. The text shown here has no relation to the name that is displayed to the recipients of your messages before email address in the email client (FFN - free form name)
  • you can add the name that will appear before your email address later after logging into your mailbox in Settings
  • if you have created antispam templates for your domain, you can select them for your mailbox in the Antispam template section
  • enter a password, and repeat it again to verify it. When you enter a password, the length and strength of the password is checked. The results of this check are displayed to the right of the password entry box
Once the password has been set, you can specify the options for changing it in the next step
  • if you disable the Manage account password option, the user will not be able to set a weak password (e.g. mailboxname-year)
  • after creating an account, the user will first have to log in and reset the password using FORPSI webmail (using a password reset form). After that it will be possible to access the mailbox without any restrictions.
Complete the mailbox creation process with a welcome email (optional). The welcome email contains links to the most commonly used tutorials in our knowledge base and allows you to provide a contact (phone and email) for the user's IT support.