Creating mailbox

In order to create a new mailbox please log in into the webmail using an account postmaster or any other delegated account (Access management).
Click on the logout area in the top menu and then select Admin.
In the left main menu click on the item Mailboxes and then use a button Add a mailbox.
Enter all necessary data in the create new user form:
  • Mailbox name  - email address without a domain
  • Display name - this name is displayed only within email administration page in order to have more information about an account. It has no connection to the name (Free form name) which is being displayed before an email address in the email client.
  • Password - type a password and then repeat it again in order to ensure that you entered a right password. Password length and strength check is provided once enter it. Results are displayed at the right side of password input fields.
If you have already created antispam templates you can select them in the section Templates.
Finish creation by click on the button Create.