A change of settings
In order to change mailbox's settings please log in into the webmail using an account postmaster or any other delegated account (Access management).
Click on the logout area in the top menu and then select Admin.
In the left main menu click on the item Mailboxes and click on the mailbox which you want to edit.
There are a few tabs on the page Edit mailbox. You can set there the same parameters as you know from mailbox settings.
Basic settings
- displays information about a quota of the mailbox
- change of description of mailbox
- temporary disabling of a mailbox
Password - you need to know current password
Advanced settings
- forward incoming messages up to 5 mailbox
- delete all incoming messages (check this option in case messages are not being delivered into the mailbox)
- notification of incoming messages
- autoreply (out of office message)
Antispam, Whitelist an Blacklist
There are the same options as in the users' section of webmail.
Save changes done on this page (tab) by clicking to the button Save .... (its name is being changed based on section/tab)
Export mailboxes
Select mailboxes in the messages' list and click on a button Export placed below the list.
Email addresses will be exported into the CSV (values with commas).
These data are a part of export: name, display name, quota, information about forwarding and autoreply, amount of addresses in the blacklist and whitelist.
Delete mailbox
You can delete a mailbox by clicking on the button Delete placed on the top right corner of the Edit page.
To delete more mailboxes simply select them in the messages' list and click on a button Delete placed below the list.