Change of domain owner of generic domains

New process during domain owner change confirmation (TUCOWS)
(gTLD - .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .name, .cloud, new gTLD – e.g. .agency, .bargains, .careers, .estate, .parts etc.)
The process in domain owner change confirmation was updated by our provider Tucows (Open.Srs) on December 1st 2016. Until that date it was possible to ask for a domain owner change only through an authorised request sent by both domain owners, as listed in FORPSI's records. After a change in the Registry, the new domain owner receives a validation message for contact data verification. The new domain owner is visible in WHOIS databases within 24 hours.
New process of change confirmation:
  1. The first step - to send us an authorised request by both domain owners from their customer account (authorised ticket) - will stay the same as in the old process.
  2. An administrator from our domain department will initiate the order of the domain owner change in the main Registry and then both domain owners will receive a confirmation request which must be confirmed within 7 days. If the confirmation request is not confirmed in time or is confirmed only by one domain owner, the order of domain owner change will be cancelled and the domain owner will not be changed.
  3. If the email of the current domain owner is not valid (active), it is possible to send a confirmation request to a phone number instead, via sms message. If the phone number listed in the Registry is not correct, we can change it. (But invalid email cannot be changed!).
  4. When the domain owner change is completed, both domain owners will receive a message directly from the main Registry.
  5. After the domain owner change, the domain will be locked for 60 days against transfer.
The new process for domain owner change will be initiated when any of this contact information is changed:
Firstname, Surname, Company name, E-mail
A so-called TRADE process will be initiated after a change of as little as a single item of the contact information and then the confirmation message will be sent to emails of both contacts (contact before change and contact after change). If the email is not changed the confirmation will be sent twice to one email and both messages must be confirmed.