Emails are not delivered into the working mailbox

If no emails are delivered into your mailbox, try to check following cases before you contact our support.

1. DNS records - MX record
  • The domain has to have set MX record with the value, so that emails were delivered to the mailbox on our mailserver. You can check MX record of your domain with the tool How to set the MX record is described in the article How to set MX records.
2. Forwarding of messages
  • In webmail, you can set forwarding of all incoming emails to another email address without saving a copy of forwarded messages in Inbox. In Administration of mailboxes, it is also possible to set deleting of all incoming messages.
  • If you don't have an access into Administration of mailboxes (with postmaster or with email account with granted access), login into webmail with your account and go to Options > Forward / Auto-reply and click on OK. If deleting of incoming message was set, it will be replaced with current settings of your account. In Administration of mailboxes, choose the option Do not forward.
 3. Filters
  • In webmail, it is possible to set filters, which can ensure deleting, forwarding or moving of incoming messages. More information in the article Filtering messages.
  • If the filter is set to move messages to the folder, which is later renamed (e.g. from email client with IMAP connection), messages passing the filter will not be delivered. This case is described in the article above.
  • If no messages are deliverd into the mailbox, check please filters, that are set for incoming messages.
4. Foreign MX records
  • If the domain of recipient doesn't have set any MX record, which shows to the IP, all emails to this domain are from the safety reason rejected on the mailserver If you need to deliver emails to this mailserver, although other MX records are set, contact our support with an authorised ticket.

5. Downloading messages into another computer

  • It can happen, that emails "disappear" from the Inbox in webmail or IMAP client, because of getting emails to another computer with POP3 protocol with setting Don't save the copy of message on the server or Remove from the server after x days. It suffices to check all used computers.
  • If you don't find the email client, that removes emails from the server, contact our support with an authorised ticket.