How can I transfer my .eu domain to FORPSI?

If you want to transfer your .eu domain to INTERNET CZ, a.s. (FORPSI) is necessary to secure the AUTH-ID code. This is a special code that is used to confirm domain transfer between two registrars. AUTH-ID code will be provided by the current registrar upon request.
How to transfer .eu domain to FORPSI:
1. Enter the domain name into the form for change of the registrar.
2. In the next step, enter the AUTH-ID code, which will be provided to you by the current registrar. Type the code from the picture and go on in the order.
3. After completing your order, the system prompts you for a payment or you can send your invoice via email.
4. Upon receipt of a payment to our account, the domain transfer will be processed and the domain will be renewed for one year from the original expiration date.
5. After transfer completion, you will receive a confirmation from our automated system.
Warning: Transfer of the domain .EU is initiated and completed with contact details specified in the transfer order.