What should I do with data use consent emails by Tucows?

New European regulation also known as GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018. Many companies were forced to make changes in their processes to meet the requirements of the regulation.
The main registers have also been affected by these changes. The most noticeable change is consent to data processing. Our main register for most of the generic TLDs - Tucows (Open.Srs) - created a couple of new messages and started sending them to the customers. You will receive these messages when you register a new domain, after completing a transfer, after changing your contact information or changing the domain's owner - that means in all cases when there is a new account created or an existing account changed. In all these cases, the user must have a choice to agree or disagree with data processing by the main register Tucows (Open.Srs).
On the pictures below, there you can see the process to follow when you receive one of the messages.
1. After you register a new domain (gTLD - for example .com, .net, .info, .online, .store etc.) you will receive a message with the text below. There will be a link. This link will take you into an interface where you can give the consent or cancel it (see Picture #2).
Picture #1
2. The link leads to the interface (see Picture #2 below). Here you can read the reason why you received the message. You can see name of our company (INTERNET CZ, a. s.) in the text. Giving the consent is optional. It is up to you whether you want to agree to data processing or not. Giving the consent may help you in the future though. If you lose access to your contact email, it will be quite hard to change it without previously giving consent to data processing.
Picture #2
3. You will receive other various messages similar to this one in case of domain’s owner change. It is always up to you whether you want to agree or not to data processing. Giving the consent is not obligatory to finish the domain registration in most cases. The message is generated and sent only after the registration. There are also some exceptions where it is obligatory to give the consent before registration. It is for example .cn domain (which we no longer offer) or .jp (which is provided by different register).