How do I change the domain renewal order?

Change of a renewal order
Do you need to edit details on an automatically issued proforma invoice?
For some domain extensions, we issue invoices to renew domains automatically based on the last order placed. For example, if you want to change the renewal period (to more/less years), email subscribers, add or remove additional services, you must first cancel the current renewal order.
1. Log in to our website with the appropriate login information (login and password) to the customer account where the domain is located.
In the left menu, in the Service Management section, click the Domains and in the list of domains, click on the selected domain name. The domain details card will open, next to the expiration date there is a link "Cancel extension order".

2. As a second step, place a new renewal order - the "Renew domain" link now appears at the same location (as a cancellation was).
In the following order form you can define new parameters - modify the number of years of the renewal, add or withdraw (terminate) additional services or set notification for future renewals. After completing your new renewal order, you can pay your order directly on the page.