Domain renewal in FORPSI User account

Domains are renewed in WhoIs database after the payment has been processed in our systems.
For the most common domain extentions, we will automatically issue a new invoice for payment for the next domain registration period 30 days before its expiration. For more details on the principle of automatic renewal, see this article.

For other domain extensions (such as .co, uk, .de, .at, .ru, etc.), you must place a renewal order individually using these instructions:

- Log in with the appropriate login and password at
- Click on the "Domains" icon to display a list of domains maintained in the account
- click on the desired domain name
- on the right side of the card of the specific domain is the link "extend domain"
- in the renewal order you will select the required details (number of years, additional services ...)
- fill in and agree the necessary data in the form
- click on "continue order"
- you will be redirected to the last page of the process where you choose a form of payment for your domain renewal

If none of the pre-made payment methods suits you, you have the option to select "Other form of payment - (send to proforma invoice by email)" -> click on "send to email". An email from the domain's billing contact will be pre-filled automatically, of course you can later change it to another existing email address to which a proforma invoice will be sent for renewal payment.