Backup on FTP

If you have the Backup additional service enabled, your FTP will contain backups of files from the web server. The Backup service is automatically enabled for free for basic plans from our current offer of webhosting services.
The backups are carried out daily during the night. You can find more details in a separate article.

Apart from the daily backup, you also have access to two weekly backups, usually carried out on Monday and Thursday.

The backup does not contain a backup of databases, only files from FTP.

You can download the backups via FTP. Next to your standard folders, you will also see a folder called backups-forpsi:

When you open it, you will see folders with the backups.

Note: Depending on the settings of each individual web server, the backups may not include folders “tmp” and “stat”. We have verified that you can access the backups reliably from these FTP clients:

Total Commander
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox