CalDAV synchronization

CalDav protocol provides full access to the calendar (read, write, modification). You need to activate CalDAV for your calendars and optionally install CalDAV application in your device (for example Apple devices have a native support of this protocol). 
Selection of the calendar
Click on the section Synchronization in the top menu.
If the section is not displayed (eg because of the low resolutions), click on the section More and select Synchronization.
menu Synchronizace
Select  the item Calendar in the left menu.
Synchronizace kalendare
Select the calendar(s) that you want to synchronize and save the settings by clicking the OK button found at the end of the page. Copy Principal URL.
Use and address of the particular calendar in case Principal URL does not work.
- např.
Save settings by clicking on the OK button.
Settings of the CalDAV clients
- iOS