FAQ, tips and tricks

Here you will find frequently asked questions about settings, available options, and features of the F-Page service, divided into several categories:

What is the F-Page service?

The F-Page service is a pre-configured editor for creating websites and can be used for cases where a customer wants to have their own web pages or online store but prefers simple management without the need for technical knowledge and programming. A simple web editor with many ready-made templates allows the customer to create their own web presentation, a simple online store for selling their products or services, which also allows the use of a reservation system, and of course, there are tools for creating your blog. You can find more information in this article: Description of the F-Page service

If you intend to create a more extensive blog, we recommend using WordPress: WP Ready or traditional web hosting with a Linux system for easier installation, or with a Windows system.

DNS "A" record for F-Page

This is the required "A" record for configuration:
You can configure the DNS A record in the customer administration: DNS record settings

Can I extend the TRIAL version?

The TRIAL version of the F-Page service cannot be extended as a standard practice. If you need to reset the TRIAL version, please contact our customer support, who will assist you with this.

My TRIAL version has expired. What should I do?

After the 30-day TRIAL version expires, it is no longer possible to publish the website, but we keep the data for an additional 5 days during which you can place an order for the paid version of the service.

Subsequently, the data will be deleted. In case of any doubts, please contact customer support.

How do I redirect a page to HTTPS?

In the editor, click on the menu symbol ☰ Site Settings -> Status of the Website -> Security -> and click on "Redirect to HTTPS."
HTTPS is only available for custom domains, not temporary ones used for the TRIAL version.

How can I edit the page icon (logo / favicon in the browser)?

In the ☰ Site Settings -> Page Icon section, simply upload your own icon/logo (also known as a favicon). 

Can I delete the page and start over?

Yes, you can. However, you will lose all the content you have placed on your pages, including uploaded images. This feature is called "Reset Page," and you can find it under ☰ Site Settings -> Restore -> Reset Page.

F-Page Expiration

The expiration of the F-Page service is the same as the domain for which the service is ordered. If you need to order the F-Page service for a different / shorter period, please contact customer support.

Termination of F-Page Service

You can terminate the service at any time through the customer administration. You can find more information here: Termination of F-Page Service

Advanced Features and Options of F-Page

Can I transfer F-Page to one of the web hosting options and vice versa?

The F-Page service is incompatible with the standard web hosting options. Therefore, you cannot transfer F-Page to another offered web hosting variant, export its content to FTP, or vice versa, transfer the content of another web hosting to the F-Page service.

When I add an article to my blog, can I change the creation date?

Unfortunately, no. Articles are displayed in the order they are added to the website, including the date. If you are interested in a more sophisticated blog, you need to choose a different type of service, such as WordPress.

Is it possible to open a discussion forum for blog posts?

Unfortunately, no. The blog in the F-Page service is not configured for this feature.

Can I use filters, folders, tabs, tags, etc., on the blog?

Articles are sorted chronologically as they are added. More detailed sorting is not possible, unfortunately.

Is there a limit on the number of pages?

Page limits are set as follows:

Type F-Page
Number of pages

Editing/Editing Photos

You can use photos from the free integrated photo bank Unsplash.com, and for editing, you can use tools like photopea.com or other graphic editors.

The service also has a built-in photo editor, but there is a limited number of edits allowed. Exceeding this limit will result in a watermark being displayed on the photos, which cannot be removed at this time, even by payment. This process also applies to GIFs.

Uploading your own video

F-Page does not currently support the ability to upload your own video - you need to first upload the video to Youtube (it is also possible to upload it non-publicly) and then insert a Youtube widget linking to the already uploaded Youtube video.

Is it possible to create an anchor/internal link pointing to a specific paragraph?

With the F-Page service, it is not possible to use anchors.

Page Source Code

Access to the source code of the page is not possible. However, you can insert your custom HTML code into any of the pages under Home page -> < > Page Scripts or ⋮ Edit Page Scripts, for example, to insert a "banner." You can insert custom HTML code into the body or header of the page. More information is available in the article: Options for Inserting Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code with the F-Page Service.

What is the difference between < > Page Scripts and ⋮ Edit Page Scripts

The bottom button, 2. < > Page Scripts, applies custom HTML code to all pages. The third button, 3. ⋮ Edit Page Scripts, applies custom HTML code only to the specific page.

How can I create a subpage from an existing page?

To create a subpage, you first need to create a directory and then nest the desired page within it. You can create a directory in the Page Management section. 

Is it possible to insert a conditional entry button (e.g., for 18+ content)?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available. An alternative could be to create a dedicated landing page for the required information (e.g., age or other restrictions) and then redirect users to the main page after obtaining their consent.

What are the language options?

For detailed information, please refer to this article: Is it possible to create a multilingual website with F-Page?

How can I turn off the publication of the website?

In the editor, you can select ☰ Settings -> Website Status -> Offline

Page Indexing

Page indexing is a process in which a search engine robot visits your web pages, scans publicly accessible content, and stores relevant data in its database based on its own rules. The indexing interval and search engine result display logic are internal matters of the search engine and cannot be influenced from your end. Displaying web pages in search engines is the domain of SEO analysis.

SEO Tool

SEO - search engine optimization is an integral part of this service, allowing you to define keywords for specific pages. However, more advanced SEO analysis and content editing are typically tasks for digital agencies or SEO experts. You can find more information about what SEO is here.

Google Search Console and Verification

Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google for managing your website in relation to the Google search engine. You can refer to this article for a detailed explanation of this feature: Adding Google Search Console using DNS records for the domain. Alternatively, you can follow Google's guide for domain verification using DNS.

For the F-Page service, verification is done via domain validation, not by uploading code to FTP or websites. It verifies your ownership of the domain through DNS records.

Where and how can I insert Sitemap files?

A Sitemap is a file that helps search engines navigate your website. It is automatically generated by the F-Page system. Just enter the URL in this format: www.yourdomain.tld/sitemap.xml. You can find more XML files at www.yourdomain.tld/sitemap_pages.xml. For more information about Sitemaps, you can visit this Sitemap article.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is not integrated into the F-Page service. However, you can integrate it by inserting your own HTML code in the section where you manage your page structure. You can select "Scripts for Pages" and insert the Tag code there. You can find instructions here.

Are there more detailed Analytical Tools available?

The F-Page service offers basic website traffic statistics (you need to activate them in the editor). For more advanced analysis, we recommend connecting to Google Analytics. You can find more information on Google Analytics here. For instructions on setting up Google Analytics on F-Page, please visit Options for inserting custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code in F-Page service.


The cookie banner is integrated directly into the service. Simply enable it in the Website Settings section, and it will display the cookie banner in accordance with applicable legislation. You can also add additional information if necessary, depending on the situation. By default, only technical cookies necessary for website functionality are set, and other data is not processed by the platform.

Is it possible to rename the F-Page service?

To rename the service to another domain, please contact customer support. If renaming the service is possible, it is a paid operation.

The package does not allow publishing some widgets in this template

The TRIAL version of the service offers all components of the SHOP variant. This error usually occurs when an upgrade to the paid WEB version of the service has been performed, but widgets available only in the SHOP variant have been used. To resolve the issue, you need to either upgrade to the SHOP variant or remove widgets available only for the SHOP variant, such as singleproduct or Cart Summary, which need to be deleted. After removing these pages and links to the SHOP variant, the "Publish" function should work correctly.


Can I switch between F-Page WEB and F-Page SHOP?

Yes, this option is available. Here is a detailed guide: Changing the F-Page service variant. However, if you decide to switch back from F-Page SHOP to F-Page WEB, you will need to contact customer support.

Payment Gateways / Options

For F-Page SHOP, the following payment options are available:
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer (payment instructions via email)
  • PayU
  • Stripe
For Appointments or reservation system, only these payment options are available:
  • PayPal
  • Offline payment (payment at the place of business)
  • Stripe

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?

Due to the absence of integration with external carriers, the option to choose COD payment within the integrated service is not available.

If COD payment is needed, you can instruct the customer to select the "Bank Transfer (Bank Transfer)" payment option. Customers will receive payment instructions via email automatically after completing the order.

Can the store be integrated with a delivery service?

We are indeed considering this option. Integration should be possible with the following types of carriers: PPL, DHL, or DPD. Once the feature is active and thoroughly tested, our customers will be informed in a timely manner.

Is it possible to connect the order system to any accounting programs (systems)?

Unfortunately, it is not possible, and there are no plans to introduce this feature in the future.

Can custom functions be programmed?

Not really. While there is a certain path to make some adjustments, you can only make minor modifications to the appearance and basic functionality of the website or insert iframes. Such changes are typically for experienced HTML developers.

Order Export

Order export is currently not available. We are working on improving order management.

Invoice processing currently needs to be done manually.

Product Import and Export

Detailed instructions on how to import products can be found in ☰ Shop -> Import Products -> How to Import.

Can I set a visible discount on a product?

Setting a discount for a product is not possible.

To provide a discount (in absolute or percentage terms), you can use vouchers that you create in the Store menu -> Discounts and then provide them to the customer.

Is it possible to create member logins?

The target audience of F-Page is micro businesses, and creating customer accounts is currently not available. All purchases are made without logging in.