Synchronization with mobile device

In case your mobile device supports it, you can synchronize Outlook contacts, events and tasks with webmail. Before you start the synchronization, you need to make sure that the your mobile device supports synchronization and/or that it is installed with a SyncML client, so you can transmit the data from one device to another.

You need to enter these data to run synchronization successfully:
  • authentication: email address and password;
  • server URL: nebo http://webmail.vasedomena.tld/cgi-bin/xubisync
  • resources which you want to synchronize (the names are case sensitive)
    • personal calendar synchronization: events
      • other calendars synchronization: events/calendar_name
      • corporate calendar synchronization: events/corporate
    • personal address book synchronization: contacts
      • other address books synchronization: contacts/address_book_name
      • corporate address book synchronization: contacts/corporate
    • personal tasks: tasks
      • other tasks synchronization: tasks/task_name
It is possible that you will have to set more synchronization options on your device side.

1. Synthesis SyncML Client for Android

Server configuration
nastaveni synchronizace - obecne udaje  nastaveni synchronizace - obecne udaje

Contacts synchronization settings
nastaveni synchronizace kontaktu  nastaveni synchronizace kontaktu

Events synchronization settings
nastaveni synchronizace kalendare nastaveni synchronizace kalendare nastaveni synchronizace kalendare
  • Only basic parameters were changed during client's settings: authentication, username and password, server and resources to synchronization. All these data were enough to run synchronization properly
    protokol synchronizace
  • Of course, depended on your mobile device, you will be possible to choose advanced options.

2. Synthesis SyncML Client for iPhone

Configuration of iPhone client is identical - only graphics is different

Server configuration

Contacts synchronization settings

3. Funambol - FUNV10
When run a client first time, please continue by clicking to the button 'Already have an account? - LOGIN'. Enter credentials on the page (FUNAMBOL LOGIN).
  • Funambol client doesn't provide synchronization of phone internal calendar oand address book. A client uses its own calendar and address book called FUNV10.
  • Once successfully logged in, you can import phone resources into the to Funambol. If you wish to skip this step, use a button 'Cancel import'. Phone data will not be imported into the server (webmail) in this case. For this reason you should do an import and start to use Funambol's resources instead of internal. To avoid displaying duplicated data you should go to the phone configuration and check displaying only FUN10 resources in your device configuration.

Synchronization and resources settings
Go to the menu 'Settings' and select sync directions and resources which will be synchronized. Funambol allows to set these values:
  • synchronization: manual, scheduled
  • events and contacts synchronization: bi-directional, do not synchronize
    nastaveni zpusobu synchronizace

Finally go to the menu 'Settings' and open a card 'Advanced'. Enter names  to názvy zdrojů na serveru ('Remote names').

  • please find appropriate values at the beginning of this article
    nastaveni zdroju serveru