Automatic deleting of messages in the folder Trash and Spam after 30 days

On our email servers, the function automatic deletion of messages older than 30 days from the folders Trash and Spam is activated. Thanks to this you don´t have to worry about the space occupied by the unwanted or deleted messages.
  • Message is deleted after the period of 30 days after it was moved into the appropriate folder. The period is not influenced by the date of delivery into the mailbox.
  • E. g. Message delivered into the mailbox on June 7, 2013, and deleted on September 1, 2013, will be automatically removed from the Trash on October 1,2013.
Note 1 - Message being recognized by our antispam software as spam will be automatically moved into the folder Spam if antispam option "" is activated  (webmail - menu Options > Antispam).
Note 2 - It
is also possible to set the automatic removal of messages from the folder Trash  by setting the option "Empty trash folder on logout"  (webmail - menu Options > Preferences > Messages > General).