New email account can be created via menu File ---> New ---> Existing Mail Account...

At first enter your name, as shown others, your email address and password. Click on Continue.

Thunderbird tries to look up username, incoming and outgoing servers by your email address. These settings have to be modified. You can click directly on Manual config.

  • Fill in your whole email address into the field Username
  • Select the POP3 type of incoming server and enter the server hostname, select the port 995, SSL and Normal password
  • Enter as the server hostname of outgoing server, select the port 465, SSL and Normal password
  • Click on Re-test

Thunderbird tests entered server settings. If it is correct, the text "The following settings were found by probing the given server" is displayed. If an error is displayed, check and correct entered data and click again on Re-test.
Click on Advanced config.

In the popup window Account settings, you can change settings as "Leave messages on server" etc. If messages are left on server, the mailbox has to be regularly checked whether it is not full.

After editing of advanced settings simply click on OK. New email account is created.