Interface description

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The interface contains several basic controls that are the same regardless of the section you are in:

  • top menu - quick selection of main functions (modules) of webmail. Tools tab (displayed in case of small browser window or monitor resolution) accesses not displayed webmail functions and for example a logout button.
  • left main menu - contains the main organizational units of individual functions (mailbox folders or document storage; calendars...)
  • submenu - only in some modules (messages, calendar, address book, settings ...) it provides access to options for managing items (creating, deleting, sharing ...)
  • toolbar - an interactive panel containing function buttons of the selected section of webmail

 Webmail allows you to 

  • work with mail, organize messages using folders or labels,
  • manage and organize contacts using multiple directories,
  • schedule and manage events, organize events using multiple calendars; Add external calendars and publish account calendars in iCAL and CalDAV format
  • assign tasks and organize them into lists,
  • save text documents, images, etc. to the document repository, create new documents, send links to large files, connect a Dropbox account
  • Share directories, calendars, tasks, and Web Store folders with other domain users
  • synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks with the Outlook client via the Forpsi PC client or with the mobile device via third-party applications,
  • connect up to 4 email accounts,
  • save searches for intelligent display of related messages,
  • perform settings for antispam, redirection, automatic replies and notifications, message filtering
  • manage mailboxes, aliases and robots and delegate rights to individual mailboxes in the Admin section

1) some functions (highlighted in italics) are available only within the Business mail service, which is a standard part of all new variants of our hosting (except for the Email to domain or Email hosting service)