Antispam templates

Templates enable mass configuration of antispam rules for mailboxes of the domain. You can also use templates for the creation of email mailboxes.
Creating a template
Login into webmail with the postmaster account or a privileged account (for more information see Access management).
In the top menu choose Admin.
If you can not see the Admin option, choose Tools and then Admin from the dropdown menu.
Email accounts administration is accessible after login into webmail with the postmaster account or a privileged account (in case that the postmaster delegated additional accounts – for more info see Access management).

In the left main menu choose the item Templates and click the ADD A TEMPLATE button.
Enter the name of the template in the dialogue window and click the SAVE button. Afterwards you can edit the template by clicking on its name.
Templates offer all the options you know from antispam settings of a common mailbox.
If settings of a template should be used on a mailbox you have to check the option Enable Antispam/whitelist/blacklist settings.
You can apply rules of a template at any moment of editing (after saving  changes) on all mailboxes of the domain.
Save the changes made by clicking the SAVE ANTISPAM SETTINGS button (its name changes depending on in which section you are).
Using templates
Mass applying of a template on all mailbox folders of a domain
If you want to apply antispam rules of a selected template on all mailbox folders of a domain then click the APPLY TO THE DOMAIN button found on end of the line of a rule.
The antispam settings of target mailboxes will be overwritten depending on what rules are active in the template.
Applying template rules at new mailbox creation
Choose the relevant template in the dropdown menu at the mailbox edit page.

Applying template rules to existing mailbox(es)
Choose the relevant template from the dropdown menu at the mailbox edit page.
A dialogue window with confirmation of applying the rules on the mailbox will open as soon as you choose the template.