F-Page service variants

The F-Page service is offered in the following three variants: 

Each customer can become familiar with the F-Page service through a free 30-day trial version. During this time customer can test all the functionalities of the paid SHOP version and prepare his presentation, blog, e-shop and Booking feature for the paid version. When customer orders one of the paid versions, the settings in the TRIAL variant will be transferred to the WEB or SHOP variant according to the order. 

Please note:
In case you have prepared a website including e-shop and other functions that are part of the exclusively SHOP variant during the trial period and you subsequently purchase only the WEB variant, it is necessary to deactivate the modules that the WEB variant does not include before ordering. Activating the paid version may cause technical problems.

The TRIAL variant is limited by the number of trial sites. The limit for creating a proposal is 3 sites. After reaching the given limit, the next and only option is to order a paid version of the service (WEB or SHOP).

When the 30-day TRIAL period is close to expire, customer is informed by e-mail about the need to transfer it to the paid version. If customer does not order one of the paid options (WEB or SHOPby the end of the free 30-day trial period, access to the TRIAL account will be blocked.

More information about the TRIAL can be found on our website.

This F-Page service variant allows the customer to create his own website without the need of technical knowledge or programming skills. The WEB variant is suitable for creating simpler websites or blog page. This variant does not offer a store. If the customer is interested in selling his products or services, it is necessary to choose the SHOP variant which includes all settings for the e-shop.

More information about the WEB variant can be found on our website.


The SHOP variant includes all the functionalities of the WEB variant plus an e-commerce module (store/e-shop) and booking feature that is described under this article. The store can be connected to PayPal or PayU payment portals. The store can be directed to social networks (Facebook) which can maximize the reach of the customer's products.

What is the booking feature?

The booking feature is a module that can be connected to the calendar on your device (computer, mobile phone). If you offer services that require appointments, you can easily set up appointments (date, time - including breaks between appointments) and give your customers the option to book an appointment with you.
  • Offline appointments - e.g. hairdressing services, beauty services, doctors, massages, car repairs, etc.
  • Online appointment - e.g. webinar, various distance learning courses, counselling, etc.
In the case of an online event, the app can be connected to the Zoom or Teams. With a few clicks, you can create an event and give your customers the opportunity to participate either for free or for a set amount of money.

More information about the SHOP variant and all functions including technical details can be found on our website.