Advanced security options for FTP access

Secure access to FTP accounts is crucial for data protection. This feature allows you to set access to your FTP account only from selected IP addresses and network ranges (CIDR), or from specific countries using GeoIP technology.

Setting up FTP account security can be done after logging into the customer administration (Settings -> Webhosting -> "domain name" -> FTP), where you choose the option "restrict access to FTP":

There is also an option to download the FTP log, which you can find right next to the "Restrict FTP access" option.
You can use it to track unsuccessful login attempts and, for example, identify from which IP address (including its GeoIP) the attempts were made. You can use this information to adjust settings if it was an authorized login, such as by your webmaster, and so on.

You can secure FTP account access by:

  • adding and removing individual IP addresses
  • adding and removing network ranges (CIDR)
  • adding and removing individual countries (GeoIP) from the list, except for the default country

After completing the setup, you need to save everything using the "Save Changes" button.

If you activate login by both IP addresses and GeoIP, both settings do not exclude each other.

For example, you set up login from one specific IP address abroad, e.g., from Germany (DE), and also enable login from France (FR) in GeoIP. At this point, it will be possible to log in to the FTP account from that specific IP address, but also from the entire France, where the country FR will be set by its provider for the IP address.

For some web hostings with the Windows operating system, these functions may not be available in the customer administration. In such case, please contact customer support with a request for this setup.